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Recent Jokes: The newest old jokes.

Animals: Old McDonald had a joke
Anti-War: Don't let this joke bomb
Battle of the sexes: The 1 million year war
Blondes: Bleached brain cells
Body Functions: Back to basics
Bush: Senior, Dubya, then the Twins!
Cat: Feline funnies
Celebrity/Movie/Entertainment: The glare of the spotlight
Christmas: Ho ho ho
Clinton: Not that we really wanted to know
Computer/Tech: Free the inner geek
Cowboys: Ride 'em
Dogs: Humor doggie style
Driving: Get off the road!
Drunks and Bars: Cocktails for two
Dumb People: We'd spell it out for you, but...
Farmers Daughter: Soooooie
Food & Eating: Milk out the nose
Geography: Where in the world did that come from?
Golf: Like the shorts aren't funny enough
Good Jokes: Not that we've found any
Hanukkah: Shalom chuckle
Holiday: National humor month
Image: Fun with Pictures
In-laws: Married merriment
Intellectual: Smart people jokes (not you)
Jewish: Such a nice Jewish joke for you
Kids: And they say the darndest things, too
Knock Knock: Who's there?
Lawyers: Please don't sue me
Limericks: There was a rhyme from Nantucket
Lists: Top ten this
Medical: Strike your funnybone
Microsoft: The bigger they are...
Middle East: Iraq, Iran, Afgan, whatever...
Military: Drop and read me twenty
Old Folks Jolks: You'd be so lucky to have a joke in here
Parody: It's true on the Internet
Politics: Government in action
Program: 111110101011 (Binary funnies)
Puns: Dumb punishment
Quotes: Who said that?
Redneck's/Hicks: City fellah's think sheep are funny
Religion: You're going to hell anyway
Riddles/One liners: Take this joke, please
Salesmen: He keeps 30% of the punchline
School: We never learn
Schoolyard: Jokes from lower education
Sci-Fi: Boldly go
Sex/Dirty Jokes: We know you'll click here first
Sick: Why do we even list these?
Smart People: Clever humor
Songs and Mpegs: Musical fruit (mpegs and the like)
Sports: De agony of de feet
Stupid Jokes: Too stupid to categorize
Tech Support: Just go back to stone and leather
Thanksgiving: Gobble
This World We Live In: Truth is funnier than fiction
Travel: C'est la vie
Work: Funnier under florescent
Yo Mamma/insults: Yo Momma is so insulting...
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