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Preaching to a Bear (G)
The castaway and the amazing woman (G)
Accidentally Hilarious Olympic Commentators (PG)
The Marine and the Atheist (G)
How she knows he's drunk (G)
Baby Planes (PG)
Flying from Ireland to Boston (G)
Couple Sex (PG)
Helpful Pharmacist (PG)
Doing what she says (G)
You should stop masturbating (PG)
What's the difference between Dubai and Abu Dhabi (G)
Messin' with Wal-Mart (G)
76 things banned by Leviticus (PG)
An Italian Mama (G)
18 Reasons to be a mermaid (G)
Would you remarry? (G)
Do Las Vegas Churches accept gambling chips? (G)
Inheritance Planning (G)
Picabo Street at the Hospital (G)

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