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A horse walks into a bar (G)
High school reunion (G)
A Dalek from Devon (G)
This Speaks Volumes (G)
Setting a Secure Password (G)
This episode of Black Mirror Sucks (G)
A Mask to Save Lives (G)
Things change with Coronavirus (G)
Brady Bunch Social Distancing (G)
Making Coronavirus in School (G)
A Womb with a View (G)
I once knew a girl named Amnesia... (G)
A Bit Off (G)
George Washington and his Men Seek Shelter (PG)
Dr. Suess Technical Writing (circa 1995) (G)
'Twas the night before go-live (G)
The perfect man for the old woman (PG)
Salesman in a sex shop (PG)
What's the difference between a chick pea and a garbanzo bean? (PG)
The Big Question (PG)

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I take old Starbucks Drink Cups and
turn them into Lamps

The warm panels are made from melting down old Starbucks drink cups, but it looks and feels like mica or some organic material. The wood in the lampshade and base is pulled from our 100 year old house in Astoria Oregon during a remodel, and it all comes together for a beautiful, classic look.

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