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One day, a young camel decided to ask his father some questions about growing up. 'Daddy, why is it that we have humps on our backs?' 'Well son, we have humps on our backs which contain fat to sustain us through many days when we are out in the desert.'

'Oh thanks, Dad!' says the youngster. He then asks, 'Daddy, why is it that we have long eye lashes over our eyes?' 'Well son,' says the father, 'in the desert, there are many sandstorms which whip up a lot of sand which can get into our eyes. The long eye lashes protect our eyes from being blinded.'

'Oh thanks, Dad!' says the youngster. 'Dad, why is it that we have great big padded feet?' 'Well son, in the desert, the sand is very soft and we need big feet to be able to walk on the sand without our feet sinking into the soft sand.'

'Well thanks, Dad, but what the heck are we doing in London Zoo?'

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