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When Bill Gates was a young lad he had a pet crow. He tried teaching the bird to speak, introducing a new word each day. To his disappointment his black friend would not utter a sound, until finally one day the bird jumped up on his perch and blurted "Bill Gates, you will be the richest man in the world some day!"

Bill was totally astonished. He needed to hear more, but the bird would not say another word.

He decided to seek professional help. He went to see a Gypsy tea reader. The old lady looked into the tea leaves and exclaimed, "Yes Bill Gates you will be the richest man in the world if you do this one simple thing!"

Bill could hardly contain himself as he ran home. The next morning as Bill's mother came down for breakfast she found Bill cooking something on the stove. "What are you doing, young man?" she asked.

"Well Mother, remember what Blackie told me the other day?"

"Yes Bill, but what are you cooking?"

"Well," said Bill, "I went to see the Gypsy tea reader and she confirmed what the bird told me!"

"Wow, that's great!" said his mother, "But what is in the pot?"

"Well, the gypsy lady told me that I needed to do one small thing to get my wealth!"

"Yes Bill but why are you cooking?"

"Well.... She told me I had to make MY CROW SOFT!!!!!!!!!"

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