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A Brooklyn woman wishes to get a tattoo and ask the tech to tattoo pictures of Roberto Duran the inner portion of her thigh near her crotch. She also ask that on the other leg, the tech tattoo the picture of Oscar De La Hoya; She says, "When I rub my thighs togetha they can fight over whats in between."

After the tattoo tech finishes his job he ask her for $100 bucks. She looks at the tattoos and says, "this does not look like Duran and that does not look like De La Hoya!" She refuses to pay him. He takes her to small claims court.

On the court date, the judge ask to look at the evidence. Because of the tattoos are in such a private area, he calls the woman into his chambers.

She shows the judge her tattoos and the judge says, "you know, this does not look anything at all like Duran, and that looks nothing at all like De la Hoya, but the one in the middle is without question, "Don King!"

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