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We've been having some troubles with out spam filter at the office, and a LOT of spam has been getting through. While most of the subject lines are almost incomprehensible, these have been catching my eye. They never seem to repeat, and, for some strange reason, I find them extremely amusing.

All you do is just kiss because it's everything you are capable of.

Don't be jealous of well-hung blacks - be like them.

You feel like a giant comparing to the midget in your pants?

Your strength in bed will never ever end.

It easier to slide when you have gigantic pride.

Date women without fears and doubts again.

Your hot nights of love are not far off.

With that huge friend of yours you can change women like socks.

Show off with your power and stamina.

Nights full of passion are near

Stay harder longer and you will feel as if you come from a different planet

She won't feel the ground under her feet when she sees your bulge.

Don't be ashamed of your tool like you were in high school.

Women will be begging you to stay in your bed for another portion of love.

Have fun in bed even if it's your 50th wedding anniversary.

Even if your woman says that she is happy about your size, she still wishes you had more.

Enormous $ize is attainable

With such a developed huge monster in your pants you can catch a real gold fish.

Your little friend gives you big problems?

Believe us - a lot more girls will be willing to go out with you.

Your shlong'll be your trump

Stop complaining about $ize

Enhance your masculine power

Beef your package up with more inches

Your member will grow like a flower but it will never fade like it.

She loves you, she loves you not ... with that size she will definitely love you.

Male failures in bed are the number 1 reason of couples' divorces.

Now you will never be mad at your male friend again.

Be a man every time, everywhere, with any woman.

Your stick will be in harmony with her hole.

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