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A man walked into a restaurant and ordered some Chili pepper soup.

"Sorry, but were all out of that" the waiter replied. So the man just ordered some coffee.

While he was drinking his coffee, the man saw another guy who had something that looked like Chili pepper soup, but did not look like he was going to eat it. So, the man walked over to the other guy's table and asked if he would mind if he took it. "Not at all," said the guy.

The man was very happy that he had gotten some Chili pepper soup, and went to his table to go and eat it. But, only after he had eaten about half the bowl, he noticed that it didn't taste right. In fact, it tasted horrible. So horrible that he vomited it all out.

At that moment, the guy who he had gotten it from happened to walk past him, and saw what had happened.

"Oh," he said. "I see you vomited it out too!"

Submitted by Gerdus Wilcocks

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