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Driving with a priest (G)

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A man was driving in his red when he saw a old priest standing by the side of the road. He stopped in front of the priest and said, "Hey do you need a lift?"

The priest said, "Yeah i do. Can you drive me to the church on Maple drive?"

"Sure hop in," said the man in the car.

The priest got in the back seat of the car. The man and the priest drove down the road about an hour when the man driving saw a lawyer waiting on the side of the road. The man driving then thought, "Great, I can run him over." He sped up. Then he remembered the priest in the back seat. Right before he hit the lawyer he swerved to the right.

He said to the priest, "I'm so sorry priest i was going to hit the lawyer but I missed him. I am so sorry, please forgive me."

The priest then said, "That is ok I forgive you..."


"...I got him with the door!"

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