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It was a fact that LBJ would, on occasion, personally call military offices and demand special favors. At one such time, he is said to have called TBS (The Basic School) at Marine Corps Base, Quantico, VA and the conversation went like this (jsut remember, you're reading this on the Internet...):

TBS: Good afternoon, this is The Basic School. How can I help you?

LBJ: This is President Johnson. We're having a state dinner here at the White House next Saturday. I want you to send out two lieutenants to be escorts for my daughters.

TBS: Yes sir, Mr. President. Is that all?

LBJ: I want them in their dress uniforms, tall and good looking.

TBS: Yes sir, Mr. President. Two tall, good looking lieutenants, dress uniforms, next Saturday evening. Is there anything else?

LBJ: (Remember, LBJ was an old time democrat and Texan). Yeah, don't send any damn' Mexicans!

TBS: No sir, Mr.President, no damn Mexicans. Will there be anything else?

LBJ: No, that's all.

Saturday evening came and two tall, good looking Marine lieutenants showed up at the White House, resplendent in their dress uniforms. They were promptly ushered in to meet Mrs. Johnson and introduced themselves as being there as escorts for her daughters.

She acknowledged their presence but said, "But you're both black. There must be some mistake!"

One lieutenant replied: "I don't believe that's possible, Ma'am. Captain Rodriguez NEVER makes mistakes!

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