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A middle-aged man was golfing one day, and as he was about to hit the 18th hole, he suddenly heard "ribbit 9 iron". He looked around, but seeing nobody but a frog, he went back to his business of golfing. Again, the voice said "ribbit 9 iron". He looked around again and his eyes landed on the frog. He said "well mister frog, I guess i will give it a try. i have nothing to lose." So he got his 9 iron out of his bag and proceeded to hit a hole in one. He picked up the frog and said "by golly, you ARE a lucky frog. where shall we go to see just how lucky you really are?" and the frog replied "ribbit los vagas."

So the man and his frog got on the next plane to Los Vagas. When they arrived, the man asked, "where to now?" and the frog replied "Ribbit casino". They walked into the nearest casino, and the man asked "what shall we play?" and the frog said "ribbit rulette". The pair walked over to the rulette table, and the frog said "ribbit two sixes." Now this is a one-in-a-million chance, but the man bet all his money on these two sixes. And what do you know, he won!

"frog, you really ARE a lucky frog... how can i ever repay you?" said the man. The frog replyed, "ribbit kiss me" and when the man did, it turned into a beautifull woman. The next thing the man knew he was saying...

"And thats how the 16 year old girl ended up in my hotel room or my name isn't William Jefferson Clinton".

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