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Yo Mamma/insults
Editor's Note: We get so many yo momma jokes that I decided to group them. Keep checking back, this is likely to grow


yo momma is so ugly hell started to cry

yo momma is so ugly she too ugly.

yo momma is so ugly when a two men broke into her house she yelled rape and they yelled no!

yo momma is so ugly when she goes to the beach cats try to bury her.

yo momma is so ugly when she went to an ugly contest, they said no professionals

yo momma's armpits are so hairy, it looks like she has Don King in a head lock!

yo momma's so ugly when she went to clean the attic the rats came out and sang "We are family"

yo mamma is so ugly when she goes to Taco Bell everyone runs to the border

your momma's teeth are so yellow, Fabio pops out and says I cant belive its not butter!

yo momma is so ugly that when they were passing out looks, she thought they said "books" and asked for a scary one!

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