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Billy is a poor boy, lives on a farm, gets made fun of at school, and does'nt have any friends. So he's walking home one day from school , and at that it was'nt a very good one, and as he's almost at his house, see's a pig, and says, "Stupid fuck'in pig." and kicks it.

Then his mom sticks her head out the window and says,"Billy, I saw that. No pork for a month!".

Billy says,"Bitch!." see's the chicken walking around and says,"Stupid fuck'in chikcen, strut'in around like she owns the place!"and kicks it.

The mom stcks her head out the window, and says,"Billy,I saw that. No chicken for... 2 months!".

Then Billy goes and sits down on his porch because he figures if he goes inside he'll just get in more trouble. About five minutes later,his dad pulls up in thier pick-up truck, opens up the door, and steps on their cat. The dad says,"Stupid fuck'in cat!"and kicks it.

Billy says,"Yo Mom! You wanna' tell 'em or am I.".

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