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Battle of the sexes
A businessman comes home for lunch to his high rise apartment and while he's putting his key in the door, his wife is in bed with another guy, and hears the door. It's my husband! she exclaimed. Panicked, the guy runs, naked, looking for a place to hide. He decides on the refrigerator and gets inside of it.

Meanwhile, the husband, suspecting his wife of cheating, demands to know where the guy is hiding. He tears the apartment up, then in a rage, picks up the fridge and throws it out the window. The strain caused him to have a massive heart attack and he dies. At the gates of Heaven, he is greeted by St Peter and is asked, "How did you die?"

He replies, "I came home from work, thought my wife had a man in the apartment, got pissed, threw the fridge out the window, had a heart attack and died"

St Peter wrote this in his book, then asked this naked guy beside of the businessman hiw he had died. The guy says, "Well, I was just sitting in this refrigerator, minding my own business"

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