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It was a bright and cold winter morning, Mom and sister were at the mall so Dad decided it was a good time for a father and son chat about "the birds and the bees" with his 10 year old boy.

"I don't want to know!" the child cried, bursting into tears and runing away to his room.

The confused father followed, and as his son lay face down on his bed sobbing, dad asked what was wrong.

"Oh, Dad," the boy cried, "At age six, I got the 'there's no Santa' speech.

"At age seven, I got the 'there's no Easter Bunny' speech.

"Then, at age 8, you hit me with the 'there's no tooth fairy' speech!

"If you're going to tell me now that grown-ups don't really have sex, I've got NOTHING left to live for!"

I take old Starbucks Drink Cups and
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The warm panels are made from melting down old Starbucks drink cups, but it looks and feels like mica or some organic material. The wood in the lampshade and base is pulled from our 100 year old house in Astoria Oregon during a remodel, and it all comes together for a beautiful, classic look.

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