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According to the President, the first runner up in the White House dog-naming contest was DOTUS.

FYI: these Secret Service translations:
POTUS=President of the United States,
FLOTUS=First Lady of the United States

The Top 11 Changes at the White House Now That the Clintons have a Puppy

11. To avoid confusion, staff begins referring to Madelaine Albright by name.

10. New 'doggy door' makes it that much easier to sneak out a midnight run to McDonald's.

9. At long last, Bill won't have to flinch *every* time he hears 'Bad boy.'

8. 'Bitch' label now somewhat ambiguous.

7. Accusations of random crotch-sniffing at the White House no longer automatically implicate the President.

6. New, unwelcome presents under the Christmas tree.

5. Obviously miffed Socks slips Kenneth Starr a note....

4. Pipe and slipper retrieval removed from Al Gore's daily to-do list.

3. Roger Clinton no longer the only one to piddle in the Rose Garden.

2. Cries of 'What a dog!' no longer make Janet Reno wince at State dinners.

1. To the embarrassment of the trainers, DOTUS still unable to tell Al Gore from a tree.

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