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A dying farmer is having trouble deciding which of his three sons to give his farm to. After calling them all in he says:

"I will give you each a duck and which ever one of you can get the most for it can have the farm."

After the brief meeting with their father all of the sons go out to sell the duck. The first son runs int a drunk that says he will give the son $100 for the duck. The second son find a kid who will give him $200 of his parents' money for the duck. The third son goes to a whore house and askes a prostitute if she will have sex with him for the duck and she agrees. After they have is the prostitute says:

"That was good let's do it again, I'll, um, give you this duck for it!"

An hour later the third son is walking with the duck and it goes into the middle of the road and gets hit by an eighteen-wheeler. The driver gets out and hands him a wad of cash for the duck. The next day the farmer say:

"Ok now all of you tell me what you got for your duck!"

"I got $100 for my duck," says the first son.

"I got $200 for my duck," says the second son.

The third son then says:

"I got a fuck for a duck, a duck for a fuck, and 300 bucks for a fucked-up duck!"

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