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One night, a group of gay men were playing truth or dare. One man is dared to walk down to the mini market naked and buy condoms and candy. The man goes to the store and buys the condom and candy, barely able to stop thinking about how he will use the condoms when he got back to the house, but on the way back he sees three nuns approaching. The man jumped into a bush, but he fails to conceal his erection.

One of the nuns sees his penis, and says. "oh, look! a slot machine. ill go first". so the nun yanks down on the mans penis and waits to see if she one. The man is pushed against a prickly bush, and drops the condom.

"oh, look! i got a bendable thimble! now i won't poke myself when i sew."

"oh, i wonder what i will get?" she pulls on the "handle", and out falls the candy.

The third nun yanks on the handle, hoping for something good, and shouts out: "i got hand lotion!"

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