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Editor's Note: naturally we don't have enough room to catalog all of them, but here's the top ten.


10. Won't acknowledge enormous cultural contributions of Jim Carrey and Howie Mandel.

9. We're pretty sure they're holding Wayne Gretzky down there against his will.

8. Every time we mention the city "Regina", they won't stop giggling.

7. Incredibly, they only have one word for "snow".

6. In American encyclopedias, Canada often called "North Dakota's gay neighbor".

5. They call it American cheese, even though it was invented by Gordon Lightfoot.

4. They've never even heard of our most popular superhero, Captain Saskatchewan.

3. Two words: "Weird Al".

2. Sick of that gap-toothed looser on "The Late Show with Paul Shaffer".

1. Not enough guys named "Gordie".

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