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Consider yourself E-Mooned! :-)

,,,, ,,,,*''''**oooooo*''''*ooo..
. o*'' ''*oooo*'' '' * o.
. o'' ''o'' ''o
o o *o
.o o 'o
o o o.
o o o
o o/ o
o --0-- o
o. /o .o
''o o o'''
oo o oo
oo. oo oo
'ooo. .oo ooo
''o ''''oo,, ,,oO-'O,, ,,,,,,.. oo'' o
o. '''''''''''' oo '''''''''' .o
'o oo o'
*o oo o
'o o o
o o o
o o o
o o o
o o o
o o o
o o o

You have been E-mooned! Send this to 5 people within the next hour and
you will be blessed with people laughing at your E-mail. Happy
E-mooning!!! This is NOT a chain letter, so if you don't mail it out, you
won't have bad luck. (But who wouldn't want to E-moon a friend?)

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