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6 months to live (G)
And the clock on the wall says. . . (G)
Arresting your Mom (G)
Baby on the bus (G)
Barnyard Relatives (G)
Big Game Mishap (G)
Burial, embalming or cremation? (G)
Christmas gift for a Mother In-Law (G)
Fear of Satan (G)
Hypothetically vs Realistically (R)
Mother in law jokes (PG)
Mother-in-law's funeral (G)
Nice boyfriend(?) (G)
Old Aunt Emma (G)
On being an Uncle (PG)
Solomon's wisdom (with a lawyer) (G)
Son In-Law in the family biz (G)
The dog and the mother-in-law (G)
Two cannibal jokes (G)
Two mother in law riddles (G)

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