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10 changes at NASA with 76 year old Glenn (G)
20 things I've discovered as I've gotten older (G)
25th Anniversay and the Sweet young thing (PG)
50 Years Together (G)
98 and still going (PG)
A Few Comments on Getting Old (G)
Advice for Suicide (PG)
Aging Woman (kinda dumb) (PG)
Aging: 1970 vs 2000 (G)
Baby Boomers Then and Now (PG)
Being old... (G)
Betting Bessie (PG)
Birth Control as a Sleep Aid (G)
Birth Control Pills (G)
Blow Up Dolls (R)
Body of a 25 year old (PG)
Breasts of a 25 year old (PG)
C-Nile Virus (G)
crafty old bird (G)
Dead peter (R)

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