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Expensive Perfume (PG)
Fart your guts out (PG)
Flying Blind (PG)
Football News (PG)
Four Nuns at the Gates of Heaven (R)
Gang Fight (sick) (R)
Georgie (Juvinile and sick) (X)
Get the manager (PG)
Getting the Car (really sick and offensive) (X)
Getting the Manager's Attention (PG)
Giving the Judge what he Wants (G)
Golf vs. Skydiving (PG)
Good, Bad, Ugly (PG)
Grandma's Snack (PG)
Granny's Husband (X)
Green hair (PG)
Hazards of entertaining tots (PG)
Her secret (really sick) (R)
Hero (PG)
Hooker on the Boardwalk (R)

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