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An Alligator in a Vest (G)
Antarctica Riddles (G)
Atheist Riddle (PG)
Bad riddles (but somehow funny) (PG)
Bee on the windshield (PG)
Black and White, Black and White (G)
Blonde Firing Offence (R)
Blonde in London (PG)
Blonde injury riddle (G)
Blonde legs (PG)
Blonde Underwear (R)
Blonde vs. Mosquito (R)
Blonde's sex toy (R)
Blondes in a Freezer (G)
Breasts and Train Sets (PG)
Bumblebee/Doorbell Riddle (G)
Bunch of Redneck Riddles (PG)
Bush Administration Lightbulb Jokes (G)
Calendar riddle (G)
Calling dogs and cats (G)

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