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24 questions from George Carlin's warped brain (PG)
26 Ray Rice Jokes (PG)
32 Hicks (G)
5 Quick Riddles (G)
6 years in a Blonde's life (G)
A bad fish riddle (G)
A bunch of One Liners (G)
A bunch of Palindromes (G)
A bunch of Valentines Day Riddles (G)
A couple brass instrument riddles (R)
A dirty Rooster and Owl riddle (X)
A few politically-incorrect riddles (R)
A few riddles on missing limbs (G)
A Fuji Apple Escape (G)
A Hooker and a Bungee Jump (PG)
A Lightbulb and Pregnant Woman (PG)
A nun in a wheelchair (PG)
A quick SQL joke (G)
A really Un-PC riddle (R)
A whole mess of dumb riddles (G)

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