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Birthing Experience (G)
Bladder control (G)
Bobbit-esque world (R)
Brady Bunch Social Distancing (G)
Brave visit to the Dentist (G)
Breast feeding Examination (PG)
Brown Balls (R)
Bus Accident (G)
Cannibal heartburn (G)
Cardiologist (G)
Career Path -- or In my footsteps? (G)
Carreer move for the gynecologist (G)
Castration (Ouch!) (PG)
Cause of Mad Cow Disease (R)
Chicken Blood Transfusions (G)
Chocolate and Marijuana (G)
Constipation Remedy (PG)
Consulting a sex therapist (PG)
Corrective Surgery (sexual) (PG)
Cosmetic Surgery (G)

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