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In the army now (G)
It was a formal wedding (G)
Kicking around the farm (PG)
Leg insurance (PG)
Modern Miracles (G)
New Chicken Farmer (G)
New Rooster (PG)
Now that's funny! (R)
Origins of the Toothbrush (G)
Overturned Wagon (G)
Pesticide/Spermicide (R)
Picutre of Daddy (G)
Pig with a wooden leg (G)
Redneck Birth Control (PG)
Redneck Circumcision (sick) (X)
Redneck Correspondence (G)
Redneck Family Tree (G)
Redneck Logic (PG)
Redneck Love Poem (PG)
Redneck Nativity Scene (G)

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