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Messin' with Wal-Mart (G)
76 things banned by Leviticus (PG)
An Italian Mama (G)
18 Reasons to be a mermaid (G)
Would you remarry? (G)
Do Las Vegas Churches accept gambling chips? (G)
Inheritance Planning (G)
Picabo Street at the Hospital (G)
Can I touch your Elvish Butt? (PG)
Why you aren't getting any (PG)
There once was a man named Dave... (R)
There once was a man from Adare... (R)
The top 12 suggested names for Wal-Mart Wine (G)
Acute Angina (R)
Protesting that It's Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve (G)
Barbecue Butt (PG)
Leave a sample (PG)
Drug Research (PG)
If Men Ruled the World (PG)
Islamic DMV Officer (G)

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