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18 Reasons to be a mermaid (G)

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1. You could take naps in the bathtub and not die.

2. Your hair always looks good in water…

3. You will always have access to fresh sushi.

4. The ocean is the biggest and coolest saltwater tank EVER.

5. You would live in a sunken ship or underwater castle.

6. Brushing you’r hair with a fork is okay.

7. You get to lure men into their death

8. Seashell bras.

9. You would get all the boys attention (and a lot of the girls too)

10. You would be the coolest thing anyone had ever seen.

11. Wanna go to Fiji? No problem, just swim!

12. You get to swim with sharks.

13. Its okay to be a bitch, its kind of expected.

14. You could ride a dolphin to work.

15. Taking showers in a waterfall.

16. Everyone loves to hear you sing.

17. No periods

18. No pants

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