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Can I touch your Elvish Butt? (PG)

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So this image was posted on Tumbler with the tag,

This is “Can I touch your butt” in Elvish.

But this being the Internet it immediately got this response:
No, this is not “Can I touch your butt” in Elvish. This is “Can I touch your butt?” in English, transcribed using the letters of the Elvish alphabet. There is a difference.

In Elvish, the letters of the alphabet correspond to sounds, not to words. The above text spells it out using one symbol to represent one letter of the original English, which is incorrect:

c-a-n i t-o-u-c-h y-o-u-r b-u-t-t

If you really want to spell out an English phrase using the Elvish alphabet, you would do so phonetically, which would basically equate to one symbol per phoneme (sound):

c-a-n a-i t-u-ch y-o-r b-u-t

If you actually wanted to write “Can I touch your butt?” in Elvish, one (very rough) translation would be:

Annog nin daf pladan tele ci?

Which, in Sindarin Elvish, roughly translates to, “Would you give me permission to touch your rear?”

Written in tengwar (the Elvish alphabet), it would look like this:

Sorry for the blurry quality.

With the final response being:

    damn, the lotr fandom doesnt fuck around

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