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11 ways you know You're an Amateur Coffee Drinker (G)

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1. You think it's okay to drink out of Styrofoam.

2. You say you're "just getting used to the taste" and get a caramel macchiato.

3. You, again, say you're "just getting used to the taste," and the color of your coffee looks like milk.

4. You complain about how much you need coffee but say you have never suffered from a caffeine headache.

5. You don't know what a trenta is.

6. You don't know the difference between dark and light roast.

7. You say how desperately you need a cup of coffee and get a vanilla latte.

8. You think decaf coffee serves some sort of purpose.

9. You pull an all-nighter writing a paper and think a cafe mocha from Tim Hortons will help you stay up.

10. You get jumpy after a tall cup of coffee.

11. You go to Starbucks with a laptop and think you're a hipster.

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