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10 Environmental Excuses for being a Lazy Slob (G)

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1) It's not that I don't pull weeds, I'm just sequestering carbon.

2) I would take a shower but I'm saving water, and therefore energy, and therefore the world.

3) Getting a Big Gulp is buying in bulk, and we know that buying in bulk is not only fiscally responsible, but environmentally correct.

4) I'd go for a run but I don't want to contribute to CO2 emissions from my elevated breathing.

5) I'm not bumming a ride off you, I'm reducing my carbon footprint.

6) Playing video games all night means I'm using electricity during off peak hours and I'm helping to manage our energy resources.

7) My refrigerator is a celebration in biodiversity.

8) I'm wearing the same clothes as yesterday to help Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

9) I let my trash settle before sending it to the landfill where it would be trapped in an anaerobic environment and never decay.

10) Eating out of cardboard containers means I don't waste water and energy doing dishes.

Here's what I did stuck at home...

I got bored just puttering in my shop, so I thought I'd take that old lattice in the back yard and nail it to the wall. Actually turned out pretty cool

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