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Putdowns by Wrestler Bill "The Bard" Shakespeare (PG)

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1> "Hie thee away, scoundrel, lest this metallic vessel be oped; its whoop-ass forthwith unleash'd."

2> "Shall I compare thee to a summer's eve? For verily, thou art a douche-bag!"

3> "Unbridled envy wouldst thine ample codpiece inspire, save that it concealeth naught but a minnow."

4> "Get thee to a nunnery! For next to nun, methinks, is thy prospect of victory."

5> "Faugh! Thy putrid exhale couldst topple the carrion fowl from off his perch, atop a cart with human refuse laden."

6> "Thou mewling swag-bellied scullion! Thou wretched folly-fallen cutpurse! Most grievously doth thy visage offend the eye, thou droning flap-mouthed pignut!"

7> "Behind yon mask of red and gold, what coxcomb struts and frets in dainty tights, unswell'd by manly cord?"

8> "Of fruitless issue is thy ill-spoken slander! For elastic is my composition, whilst thine is adhesive."

9> "As thy wife for me last e'en did bend, So shall thy legs before thee at match's end!"

10> "But, soft! What stench through yonder buttocks breaks?"

11> "What warrior doth tread distant battlefields unshod, his footwear relinquish'd to her whose loins begat thee?"

12> "Fat-kidneyed rascal, thine canker'd countenance shall kiss the cold earth anon!"

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