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19th Century Euphemisms for Masturbation (PG)

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16> Emptyin' the Saloon

15> Pocket Punch 'n' Judy

14> Signing your John Hancock

13> Dragging Thyself to Hell, One Hand's Breadth at a Time

12> Waving to Queen Victoria

11> Trying for a Scarlet "M"

10> Oiling the Pennywhistle

9> Assaulting the Tower of London

8> Cleaning the Musket

7> Quashing the Southern Uprising

6> Monitoring your Merrimac

5> Driving the Golden Spike

4> Delivering the Ejaculation Proclamation

3> Churning the Codpiece Butter

2> Square Dancing with Satan

1> Addressing Lord Palmer

Here's what I did stuck at home...

I got bored just puttering in my shop, so I thought I'd take that old lattice in the back yard and nail it to the wall. Actually turned out pretty cool

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