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POEM # 1
Roses are red, pickles are green
I love your legs and whats between

POEM # 2
I like your style
I like your class
but most of all i like your ass

POEM # 3
Im a cool girl, in a cool town
it takes a real mother fucker to put me down
kissing is a sport
fucking is a game
guys get all the pleasure
girls get all the pain

POEM # 4
The guy says i love you
you believe its true
9 months later,
he says the hell with you
the baby is a bastard
the mother is a whore
all this wouldnt have happened
if the rubber wouldnt have torn

POEM # 5
Sex is when a guys communication
enters a girls information
to increase the population
for a younger generation
do you get the information...
or do you need a demonstration

POEM # 6
Roses are red,
Violets are corney,
When i think of you
Ohh baby i get horney,
Eat me,
Beat me,
Bite me,
Blow me,
Suck me,
Fuck me,
Very slowly,
if you kiss me,
dont be sassy,
Use your tongue
and make it nasty!!!!

Bonus Poem!
violets are red
some condoms are blue
STD's are still out there
so watch who you screw.

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