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Ron and his friends are out at the local bar, "getting a-bit-to-much" to drink. Finally, after too many rounds, Ron leans over and pukes all over himself. "Hhey manh, looc herre. honey is ggoing toh KILLLLL me! Me a mess!" he blurted.

Next, after a couple "drunk" moments, Ron's friend murmurs back, "Ittf's okey. Whhat ya doo, is you pu...put a 10 dollar bbill in yor poket, and tell you girlfrriend that someone else ppuuked on you, an gave ya 10 buks to got the shirt dri-cleanedd! It 'ill bee ookay."

"Aalll rightf."

When Ron goes home, sure enough, his girlfriend starts screaming the living hell out of him. "You go out with your little friends and come back all puked over your self! LOOK AT YOU! You're a mess. Everyti–"

Ron builds up his voice over the hargue, "IIt wasnn't mey. Soome othber guy, hee da one dat puke aall on me! loak, he gaave mhe a 10 dallor bill to cllean up!"

Coldly, his girl friend replies, "Oh yeah, then how come that's a 20 bill!"

Ron proudly replies, " shit in my ppants!"

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