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Failed Star Wars Merchandising (PG)

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1> Barbie Wan Kenobie's Malibu Deathstar

2> Darth Vibrader

3> "Ewok On A Stick" toilet brushes

4> Volkswagon's "Return of the Jetta"

5> Tampex Tampons, now with starfighter X-wings and lightsabre applicator

6> Darth Vader Ginsberg doll -- Black robe and goofy glasses sold separately

7> Metamucil - "May the Force run through you!"

8> McDonald's Ewok Burger Happy Meal

9> "Do you know me? Probably not, if I'm out of my Stormtrooper uniform. That's why I carry American Express."

10> Han Solo Cups

11> R2D2, C3PO & KY4U "Adult Action Figures"

12> Lando Calrissian Cognac -- 40 Parsecs of smoooooth

13> Princess Chia

14> Chewbacca Chew'n T'bacca, from Skoal

15> The "Princess LeiaMe" blow-up doll

Here's what I did stuck at home...

I got bored just puttering in my shop, so I thought I'd take that old lattice in the back yard and nail it to the wall. Actually turned out pretty cool

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