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It seems that there was this little 9 year old blind kid, and one day he said to his mom, ''Mom, all I've ever wanted was to see.''

His mom said, ''Well son it's your lucky day, today is the last day of March, and if you pray your hardest, your prayers will be answered.''

So the little boy goes to bed 2 hours early and starts praying himself to sleep. He wakes up half way through the night and realizes that the night isn't over, so he prays another hour before he falls asleep again.

He finally wakes up the next morning and yells, ''Mom, Mom, get in here fast!''

His mom comes running in and says, ''What is it son?''

The boy says, ''Mom I did just what you said, I prayed and prayed harder than anyone else ever has, but I woke up this morning, and I'm still blind!''

And his mom says.......''April Fools!!''

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