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Top 10 Reasons MS Wants to Buy Group Health's Eastside Hospital (G)

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10. Place to treat MSFT ''Post Stock Split'' depression (for those who bought too late).

9. Great place to store copies of Microsoft Bob.

8. Marketing though it was a real cool place to develop MS Anti-Virus.

7. Testing facility for MS HMO Version 1.0

6. Cheaper than Bill's house - and has 4 more beds.

5. First stage of master plan to implant Intel/Windows control chips in MS Employees.

4. Efficient way to distribute Prozac to Windows 98 Developers.

3. Psychiatric ward AKA ''store house'' for those people that insist on using OS/2 Warp, Mac and ''other'' operating systems.

2. Melinda said she needed a nursery.

And the number one reason...

Need recovery ward for those who installed IE 4.0

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