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Body Functions

$100 Tattoo (in a painful area) (PG)
19th Century Euphemisms for Masturbation (PG)
20 Terms for Reverse Peristalsis (throwing up) (PG)
20 Types of Blokes at the Urinal (PG)
20 Ways to say someone is drunk (PG)
A Mathmetician, a philosopher, a blonde, and Satan... (PG)
A Mother's Tale of potty training (PG)
A Shit to Remember (R)
Alphabet for the bathroom (PG)
American bathroom (PG)
And the winner is? (PG)
Bad Coffee (sick) (PG)
Careful control (PG)
Chinese Laundry (PG)
Cleaning bill (R)
Close Quarters (G)
Constipation medicine (G)
Constipation Remedy (PG)
Dark cloud (PG)
Definitely Defining "Definitely" (R)

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