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Yo Mamma/insults

A bunch of insults (PG)
A few more curses (G)
Dumb as a List of Insults (PG)
Engineer Bashing (G)
Fo' Mo' Yo' Mommas (PG)
Four quick insults (PG)
Insulting Uranus (G)
Intellectual Genital Boasting (R)
Making faces (G)
Mo' Yo' Momma (PG)
Mo' Yo' Momma Jokes (PG)
Snappy comebacks for pickup lines (PG)
Ten more Yo Mommas (R)
Yo Momma continued... (PG)
Yo momma is so bald (PG)
Yo momma is so dumb (PG)
Yo momma is so fat (PG)
Yo momma is so horny (R)
Yo momma is so poor (PG)
Yo momma is so ugly (PG)

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