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Pandora's Hair Color (G)
Pedigree (G)
Precise Dating of Dinosaur Bones (G)
Proof for Knowledge, Power, Time, Work and Money (G)
Putdowns by Wrestler Bill "The Bard" Shakespeare (PG)
Saving Train Fare (G)
Scientific Examination of Hell: is it exothermic or endothermic? (PG)
Scientific Observation (G)
Scientists game of Hide and Seek (G)
Shakespearean Insult Kit (G)
Shakespearean Pickup Lines (PG)
Some amusing anagrams (G)
Super geeky Chemistry Jokes (G)
The End of Poe's Raven (G)
The Importance Of Proper Punctuation (G)
The Physics of Erecting a Christmas Tree (G)
The Pilot with the Seeing Eye Dog (G)
The Price of Gas in France (G)
Three Black Irishmen (R)
Tom Swifties (G)

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