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Etymologist vs entomologist riddle (G)
F Word in History (R)
Fantasy Beings' Fair Housing Commission (G)
Geographer's New Job (G)
Hamlet Anagram (G)
Heisenberg and Schrodinger get pulled over (G)
High Brow Washington Post Jokes (G)
Hyphenated Yellow Page Words (G)
If Poe were a Techie (G)
Insulting Uranus (G)
Intellectual Genital Boasting (R)
Is Alcohol a solution? (G)
LOTS of Music Riddles (G)
Naked Hamlet (PG)
Naming my dog Enbach (G)
Natural Laws (G)
New Words (PG)
Next Time Someone Claims To Be An 'Engineer,' Give Them This Test (G)
Null Worship (G)
Ordering H2O (G)

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