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10 Environmental Excuses for being a Lazy Slob (G)
A Bit Off (G)
A couple brass instrument riddles (R)
A Limerick at the Speed of Light (G)
A Math Limerick (G)
A philosophical horse walks into a bar (G)
A quick SQL joke (G)
A violin limerick (PG)
An infectious disease walks into a bar (G)
An infinite crowd of mathematicians enters a bar... (G)
Antique Packet (PG)
Bad Whole Foods Student Riddle (G)
Beethoven vs. Beiber -- The Sheet Music (G)
British Security Levels (G)
Can I touch your Elvish Butt? (PG)
Cat vs Comma (G)
Close your parantheses (G)
Descartes walks into a bar (G)
Dictionary Definitions (G)
Engineers and the flagpole (G)

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