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Battle of the sexes

....the Cat will play. (R)
10 Things Men Know About Women (PG)
10 things only women understand (PG)
100 Reasons Why it's great to be a bloke (PG)
14 Signs Your Online Relationship Isn't Working Out (PG)
15 more reasons Santa must be a woman (G)
25th Anniversay and the Sweet young thing (PG)
25th Annivesary night vs. the first night (R)
4 floors knocking (G)
40 Ways Men Fail In Bed (R)
40 ways women fail in bed (R)
4th Husband (G)
62 reasons why cucumbers are better than men (R)
A Blonde Hubby (R)
A Bottle Of Perfume (G)
A different way of looking at the Wolfman (PG)
A genie, a guy, and a bridge to hawaii (G)
A hurricane is like a woman (PG)
A night out with Dave (G)
A special day (G)

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