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Barney and Bill (PG)
Bill Clinton MS Word Easter Egg (G)
Bill Gate's Wedding Night (PG)
Bill Gates (PG)
Bill Gates and the House Contractor (G)
Bill Gates Goes to Hell (version 12,634,957.2) (G)
Bill Gates Part 355,254 (G)
Billy goes to camp (G)
Breaking up Microsoft (G)
Fraternity Prank by Microsoft Backfires (G)
Government and the Love Bug (G)
How Bill Gates Got Rich (G)
How Microsoft Stores will be Different then Apple Stores (G)
Husband at Microsoft (PG)
If Coke was like Microsoft (G)
If Microsoft Built Cars (G)
Installing XP (G)
Is Windows A Virus? (G)
It's a wonderful computer (G)
Janet Reno's hard drive (PG)

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