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4 Presidents Off to See the Wizard (G)
75 things Sarah Palin might well have said (G)
A Boy Learns about Politics (R)
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A Warmonger Explains War to a Peacenik (G)
Afterlife for Bush? (PG)
Allies take action (PG)
An old scam (G)
Anti-War Slogans (PG)
Are you a Democrat or a Republican? (G)
Are you a Democrat, Republican or Redneck (G)
Arnold Schwarzenegger and the California Recall Quotes (PG)
Award Winning Chicken (PG)
Bachmann Proposes Slashing Half of Alphabet (G)
Balancing Act (G)
Barack Obama discussing change with an intelligent little girl (PG)
Bibi Neanyahu (G)
Bill Bennett Given Control Of Social Security Funds (G)
Breadwinner (G)

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