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Crusin' (R)
Dog of a man (R)
Don't Flush (G)
Dude, Where's My War? (G)
Geography Lesson (G)
Happy Cinco de Mayo (G)
Hillary regarding her email server (G)
Home Alone (G)
Homeland Security Poster (kinda scary, really) (G)
House of Cars (G)
How Dubya copes with Terrorism (G)
How the Salahis Crashed the State Dinner (G)
I'm Lugging It (G)
If Bin Laden Wins (G)
If Women Ruled the World (G)
Iraq Explained (G)
Islamic DMV Officer (G)
Jockstrap Boys (PG)
Keeping a Journal When You're OCD (G)
Kermit and Snoopy (tasteless and juvenile) (R)

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