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A cat goes to Heaven (G)
A date with an ant (X)
A Frog Joke (G)
A grasshopper walks into a bar (G)
A little Snail (G)
A new twist to the three pigs (PG)
A penguin's breakdown (R)
An Alligator in a Vest (G)
And They're Off! (R)
Award Winning Chicken (PG)
Bad dog! (Bad Pun) (G)
Bathing Beauties (G)
Bear Hunting (PG)
Bee on the windshield (PG)
Being Quiet While Hunting (PG)
Bird Brains (PG)
Bird sex (PG)
Bucks for Ducks (R)
Cajun Math (R)
Calling dogs and cats (G)

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