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Bad golfer (G)
Blonde Golfing (G)
bragging golfer (G)
Cardinal Nicklaus (G)
Caring husband (G)
English, Irish and Scottish Golfer's wives (PG)
Frog Caddy (PG)
Glof Score (G)
Golf balls (PG)
Golf Bee Injury (PG)
Golf Riddle (G)
Golf Victory (R)
Golf vs. Skydiving (PG)
Golfer and the Leprechaun (G)
Golfer's Leprechaun (PG)
Golfing for dollars (G)
Golfing Hitman (R)
Great game of golf (G)
Just Doin' What I'm Told! (G)
Mother Nature and the Golfer (PG)

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